Ride the Rockies 2003

Montrose–Delta, 32 miles (June 17)

[Elevation Profile]

Today was an easy riding day. It was supposed to be downhill all the way, according to the elevation profiles Bruce had drawn up with his software. Like yesterday, it was downhill only on the map. (The supplied elevation maps turned out to be better, and showed pretty much what we saw.)

There was a rather difficult climb near the beginning, and the road surface was lousy too. That was the worst chip-seal I have ever ridden on.

I wasn't feeling so good either. The morning hadn't been as bright and cheery as yesterday, and I was having difficulty keeping a decent pace. I started out keeping up with Bruce. Eventually, I fell behind him, picked up my Dad, fell behind him too, but managed to catch up with him in time to reach Delta with my dignity intact.

What I expected to take only 2 hours, wound up taking us 2.5 hours. I averaged 15.5 mph, of riding.

The rest of the day was wide open. I ate whatever the community lunch made available, and cracked open a book I had meant to read. There were a few live bands playing. Eventually, I joined a family playing frisbee just to keep moving. I hadn't felt so good in the morning, and I wanted to make sure it didn't get any worse.

In the evening, we went by my Dad's hotel, to discuss strategy for tomorrow's century. We all made our contingency plans. I planned for 13 hours on the road. Beyond that, they should come looking.

Since the weather's nice, we're camping again. Let's see how tomorrow goes.