100 Several facts

  1. I used to be a late night person. Then I switched to being a morning person. Now I'm back to late nights.
  2. I'm full of contradictions. I listen to NPR, and I watch Jerry Springer, neither regularly.
  3. I grew up without a television in the house. I read books for entertainment. I still do.
  4. I work with computers because I enjoy it. Before I worked with them, I played with them.
  5. I like UNIX systems, manual cameras, and stick-shifts, all for the same reason.
  6. I have gloves in the glove-compartment of my car, along with an emergency blanket. There is a 3-gallon gas can and jumper-cables in the trunk.
  7. My favorite kind of music is South Indian classical (Carnatic) music. Coming in closely afterwards are Jazz and symphony music. Once again, I like them all for the same reason. Besides those, I listen to a lot of rap.
  8. My spelling tends to be American; my grammar British. I take joy in correctness in language, even in small places. I was very happy when I saw my local grocery chain's express checkout lanes. They had signs that said 10 items or fewer. Most places incorrectly write less.
  9. I know how to correctly use semi-colons. I know what split infinitives are, but don't care if they are used. If you need your grammar checked, I could probably do it.
  10. I'm vegetarian, initially by upbringing, and subsequently by choice. I don't think I am morally superior to non-vegetarians.
  11. I hate ethical vegetarians.
  12. I find many accents alluring. Actually, any accent but that of the Midwest and California.
  13. I spent the middle half of my life so far, in a different country.
  14. As much as I love the South, and have been acquiring a taste for Southern culture, my roots are unmistakably Yankee — I like my cornbread yellow, thick, and slightly sweet. I miss big, industrial cities.
  15. I spend far more time on USENET than is good for me. That culture of excruciating precision probably tells on my writing.
  16. I am much funnier in person than I appear to be in my writing. I just write unentertainingly.
  17. I connect myriad facts together in very surprising ways.
  18. Before my second birthday, I had been described in a foreign magazine as a lion among men, and the very image of beauty.
  19. Before my eighteenth birthday, I had genetically modified an otherwise harmless bacterial culture, into something capable of giving you massive diarrhea, and resistant to four different kinds of antibiotics.
  20. I have a talent for finding the oddest sites on the web. I send out these weird links periodically to people. (I now maintain the collection in a weblog.)
  21. I pull shopping carts behind me, rather than pushing them ahead. I find it easier to control them that way.
  22. I visited almost every mainland US state by road, by the age of ten.
  23. I have taken the nerdity test more than once. I even tried to raise my score. It has, despite my best efforts, come down.
  24. My pirate name is Bloody Tom Kidd, my Mormon name is Rophis Caramon, my Pimp name is Slim Gopi Licious, and my Oz Prison Bitch name is Squealing Piglet.
  25. There has been an occasion when I chose to spend time with a computer instead of people on a Saturday night.
  26. My Master's thesis has a picture from a Playboy centerfold in it.
  27. I have never attended a live concert of any popular music. I have never bought any popular music. All the popular music I own is from gifts.
  28. I have taken part in the relentless teasing of practically every cousin I have. The fact that they exist is reason enough to tease them. At one time, for one of them, the goal was to make her cry at least once every day.
  29. Despite the above, I love kids. I have enormous patience with children, and can talk to them forever.
  30. I never lose my temper. I don't shout. The worst that happens when I'm angry or tense is I gnash my teeth more. It's actually a family trait (gnashing teeth). My grandmother's molars have practically smooth crowns now from all the night-time grinding.
  31. I don't usually drink coffee, although I love those Frappuccinos® from Starbucks. I can't drink coffee to stay awake — it gives me the jitters. I use exercise instead.
  32. The only time I babble incoherently is when I'm almost asleep. Just before I reach that stage, I become extremely dismissive when spoken to, perhaps to discourage people from talking to me.
  33. I like being babied, especially when I'm sick.
  34. I don't like button flies. I prefer good old YKK.
  35. I watch cooking shows. It's odd because I'm vegetarian and the shows hardly feature anything for me.
  36. I don't miss people.
  37. Even though I'm fairly conservative in my political leanings, I prefer liberal media to conservative ones. The conservatives just creep me out.
  38. I'm very particular about certain things. Oh what the hell, I'm anal-retentive. I arrange my CDs a certain way. I need light switches to line up if there are two switches controlling one light. I drive according to every rule written.
  39. I'm a rather domestic person. I know how to load the dishwasher efficiently. I make a mean pasta sauce, and I don't mind stirring it for an hour. I prefer cast-iron cookware.
  40. I can't cook by following a recipe exactly. I read it to get an idea of how the dish is to be prepared, and then fudge. The only exception is when I bake. I don't have enough experience baking to wing it.
  41. I seem to come across as a very well-read person. In reality, I haven't read many classic books, haven't watched very many such movies, and certainly can't identify art.
  42. I am rather well-informed. Every day, I read a minimum of 10 newspapers; they are from six different countries, and in three different languages.
  43. I'm not a visual person. I am really interested in photography and even took a class at the University, but realized that I liked the process more than the æsthetics of the result.
  44. I have read bunches romance novels. I don't remember much of them, except that they were all "Mills and Boone" novels, and featured someone that looked like Fabio on the cover.
  45. I irregularly write in my online diary. I had it online for ages, but didn't link to it, for lack of courage. It's finally there for all to see.
  46. I have kept the empty tin from every box of Altoids I have bought since I started work.
  47. I used to be able to eat an entire large pizza, all by myself. It wasn't just one time either - I did it several times, washing it down with a couple of large glasses of milk too. All this isn't too surprising until you consider that at the time, I weighed less than Takeru Kobayashi, who won the hotdog eating contest.
  48. When I was a kid, I arranged all the Disney movies we had into running-length order. I still remember the length of each movie.
  49. I have watched several TV shows with my brother. Over the phone. Long distance.
  50. I get hot flashes in winter. You might see me hanging around in the snow wearing just a T-shirt.
  51. I will often play devil's advocate, if only to see how well-reasoned your arguments are.
  52. There are people I work with, who have never seen me without a hat on.
  53. There are people I have been working with for over two years, who I have never met. Some of these people work in different cities, some of them work in my building.
  54. I have led a remarkably uneventful life, for which I'm thankful.