Pencil Drawing of me

This picture was drawn by my friend Narendran. His signature appears on the picture, so you can forge it if you like.

Narendran and I were classmates at S.R.M. where I did my undergraduate degree. This picture was drawn during a Molecular Biology lecture by Dr. G. Omkaram. Basically, class was so boring that we didn't even have the inclination to talk, so instead he decided to draw me.

He asked me to turn around, and started drawing. The picture took about 20 minutes to finish. The whole time I was facing backwards in a class of only 28 people, heaven knows how many of whom were absent that day.

Needless to say, Omkaram is not very fond of me.

My hair really did look like that around the side-burns. Narendran decided to soften my chin a bit, and shorten my nose. So basically, I look better in this picture than I do in real life.

The various representations of myself I have are: