About this Weblog

I read enough things on the Web and spend enough time on the Internet, that I come across some seriously weird stuff. I used to collect these links and e-mail them out to people.

This exercise seemed naturally suited for a weblog, and the use of blogging software added significant value to my collection. So I decided to take all of the old e-mails I had sent, and put them here, and add new posts here rather than sending them via e-mail.

Since the posts up to 2003 were culled from e-mail, you will see the occasional personal pronoun. I have made no effort to clean them up.

Content Rating

Any posts that I consider inappropriate for decent company (rated NC-17, X, or NSFW, you might say), are in the category "Not for kids". Posts in this category will not show up in the main index, or in the monthly archives. They only appear in the category archive, when you follow the link for that category.

You can read about how to exclude specific categories from your Movable Type blog here.

About the Author

I maintain a separate space for myself.