February 07, 2002

Pickle bulbs

A couple of years ago, a young school girl was on David Letterman's show, as part of a Kid Scientists segment. Her "experiment" was to electrocute a dill pickle, until it glowed yellow.

The friendly scientists at DEC research seem to have pre-empted her by about 10 years. Check out this entire research article published by DEC on April 1, 1989 on how pickles and other food could be used as light bulbs.

February 16, 2002

Fun with menstruation

Ew. But it got your attention.

So as a reward, you get un-scary things to look at, like little projects around the house, or objets d'art.

There's also the eternal question, would you stop it if you could. Fascinating responses from across the age range.

February 20, 2002

Rob Pike says

System Software Research is Irrelevant.

February 21, 2002


If you ever felt the need to shave your head, well never say you don't have the necessary tools.

And what better thing to do with a bald pate than to make money with it? (Other body parts may also be available for rent)

February 22, 2002


The saga of a desperate woman seeking an atheist/agnostic mate. (Quite a far cry from HBI)

And then there's the dude who offers referral bonuses for finding him his lady.

February 27, 2002


If you ever needed a Mini-Me, you know where to get one.

Of course, you could just go get yourself a new you, and then send it to get an action figure.

February 28, 2002

People worse than me

If you thought I had nothing to do, check out this guy's "statistical analysis" of toilet seats.

(actually, there is a bug in his program. I was thinking of writing a fix when I get the time)

And a group of people that finally demonstrates that I am not the most anal-retentive person on earth.