March 01, 2002

Technical Oddities

Remember back in the day when the first generation of Pentiums ran "hot enough to fry an egg"? Well, some things never change.

Also, check out this entirely self-propelled robot. Garden-lovers will enjoy this.

March 04, 2002

Karate and Not Karate

Richard Beardsley explains Karate in 16 easy steps. Soon you too will be able to UNLEASH THE TIGER!!

And this site has nothing to do with Karate, or even Ham or Judo as its URL might lead you to believe. However, it does have much to do with putting a refrigerator and a hottub on the web.

And if stats weren't sufficient, here's Ken Woods with Freezer-cam. Predictably, it is blank most of the time.

UPDATE: There are now lessons on how to become a ninja as well.

Philosophy quiz

Which philosopher do you most agree with?

March 05, 2002

Holy Shit!

I don't know anyone who would want this, much less think to sell it because other people might want it, especially the spaghetti model!

This one is all about the Rat and his proud South Carolina heritage - The Good Lord, and Monster Trucks.

And if the Westboro Baptist Church has taught you anything about hate-mongering, you will appreciate this group.

March 06, 2002

Utter randomness

Nuke the fluffy marshmellow baby bunny rabbits! Do it for Science!

And the man that wants to chain his bike (or anything for that matter) to a certain fence. I'm not sure why it's a big deal, but it was covered in some major newspapers.

March 08, 2002

Physics of Music (or vice versa)

Everybody's favorite musician explains a few engineering concepts. Here's Britney's guide to Semiconductor Physics.

And, darn it if the reverse ain't true. Here's Stephen Hawking the gangsta rapper.

March 11, 2002

Experience Jean Shepherd

We can all get our very own leg lamp.

March 14, 2002

Weird Science

What U-Mass professors can come up with with sufficient money, research and time is ... a receipt. And why shower curtains billow.

Then there's George Goble - UNIX hacker, SMP programmer, and pyromaniac. He apparently uses Liquid Oxygen to light his barbeque. Gee, we always used kindling wood.

And if that weren't weird enough, here is a set of unwise microwave experiments which I wish I could try, but don't have a spare microwave oven sitting around.

This is from the same guy that also gave us the fascinating study of traffic as particle waves.

March 18, 2002

Google sports

Everybody's favorite search engine has spawned quite a generation of new words, sports, even sub-cultures.

March 20, 2002


If you liked the Fellowship of the Ring, well, read the very secret diary of each person in the Fellowship.

And here's something that truly creeped me out.

March 27, 2002

More Jesus

Jesus the sportsman?