August 01, 2002

I believe I can fly

Didn't someone win a Darwin award for doing this?

If that isn't enough, there are other ways of getting your fling.

And what everyone needs to fly: A fly.

August 04, 2002

Google Art

This search engine continues to surprise me every day with its new uses. Here's more art from Google's highlighting algorithm.

And if you ever wanted to create your own but were just too lazy to figure out how, there's the automatic GooJart generator (Google bought Deja, and you can create art in it).

August 08, 2002

Sports News

One of the finest sports conceived yet.

August 09, 2002


Having successfully tackled how to use pickles as bulbs, and why shower curtains billow inward, our brave scientists now take on other issues like whether toast really does land butter-side down.

Sadly, the Ig-Nobel prize in physics was not awarded to this deserving candidate. Another, Robert Matthews of Aston University got it for the same research.

As for more destructive elements involving toasters, check out how to turn your toaster into a flame-thrower. This is from the same guy that taught the world how to spark grapes in your microwave.

And here is one who is willing to harness the power of Tesla coils for, well, for amusing children. I'm waiting for the accident that gets him his Darwin Award.

August 12, 2002


There are things besides plants that can be grown in the bonsai method. Apparently, kittens work quite well this way. There are other folks that have followed this pioneer.

And lest you think I am all about cruelty to animals, here's a link to everybody's favorite vegetarian recipe. It's from PETA.

August 16, 2002

Profiling and Airport Security

Here's a paper that shows profiling for potential terrorists is bad, and can be manipulated to be LESS secure than random checks. See? It's not just bad for civil libertarians.

August 23, 2002

Biblical Culture

Well, it had to happen: everybody's favorite superhero: Bibleman!

And where there's a Weird Al, there are the apologetix. Check out their hilarious parody of Michael Jackson — Smooth Grandmama

And of course, the movies and movie reviews. (He isn't as hardcore nor as scientifically rigorous as everyone's favorite review site.)

August 24, 2002

Internet Oddities

If you thought sales on TV were bad, look at the Internet.

On the internet, anything goes, from custom wheels for your car to mathematically intense bottles (and hats!) for the topology lover to wadded up pieces of paper.

There are also touching 404 tributes to Douglas Adams, annoying forwards, and odd ways to build computers.