September 12, 2002

End of life products

The things that we do to our dead. Well, there's nothing quite like remembering our dear departed by dressing up in fine jewelry or snorkeling among the coral reefs.

September 19, 2002


The Oxford English Dictionary does have a sense of humor. The entry for antidisestablishmentarianism says of its usage: rare, but popularly cited as an example of a long word. Then, there's these guys.

If you've ever wondered what callipygian means, look no further than Kensey Alsman's paper Fetching Bums (the title alone deserves awards) and its hilarious review. (Alsman has also written a paper on Phlegmatic Women, in case you ever wondered what that meant.)

And if you missed CNN's woldwide coverage of the great debate on what carbonated beverages should be called, here's the survey they were talking about.

September 22, 2002

Captain Wrungel

This book doesn't seem to be available any more, but I found the full text online.

September 27, 2002

Pizza recipe

After a weekend of baking pizza, I forgot to ask for the recipe. Hunting online for a recipe yielded the best pizza recipe ever.