November 04, 2002

Kicking Ass

Jet Li's got nothing on this guy. Watch stick-figure martial artists duke it out.

Then, there is an ass-kicking in the literal sense — a lovely bit of roadside Americana.

November 15, 2002

Crazy Americans

These are trying times. But make no mistake; we will prevail.

If the "Homeland Security" department didn't sound WW2-on-the-wrong-side enough, here's someone's idea of what their propaganda is going to look like.

And aren't all Americans racists? Not us! And if you don't have any friends like that, you can always rent some.

And this is what a real barbecue looks like; none of that wimpy Texas stuff.

Of course, I'm willing to watch anyone eat things that I wouldn't. Crickets, straight horseradish sauce, whatever.