October 11, 2003

Jewish Rapper

You can find him in da shul.

(Hat-tip MemePool)

So Lonely

You know how you have all those single socks left over? Well, fret no more. With some luck, they'll be reunited with their long lost mate.

October 22, 2003


Just what to do when your bored in a teleconference or virtual meeting. Play virtual bored basketball.

(Hat-tip Bryan)

October 30, 2003

On writing

This is pretty cool. It's the gender genie. It analyzes your writing, and says whether the writer is male or female. Works quite well actually. I gave it a bunch of saved emails, blog posts, etc. and it worked every time. I've heard other people have had mixed results. The method it uses is described there as well. The original is from an article in Nature, I think, but they simplified it.

Once again, November is National Novel Writing Month, so if you want to write a 50,000 word novel in one month, have at it.

And the opposite of that, 50 word fiction. This is a far more difficult thing to write, because you must evoke enough within 50 words, to stoke the imagination of the reader. Sort of like the single-panel cartoon of literature. They may not be great, but like pringles, you can't stop after just one.

There's also a 100 words a day thing, but it isn't nearly as cool as just 50 words.