June 12, 2004


You know those photographic billboards? They must take those pictures with a really big camera.


If I had a desk like this, I could've done so much better in class.

If only I took science more seriously.


It's useful to learn how to do things the primitive way. Create fire, make music, draw, etc.

But sometimes, you have to use ancient tools to do modern things. Like finding Waldo with a text-browser.


How I love them. Especially when they're dead. Or free.

June 13, 2004

The Devil Take You

Have you sold your soul yet? Once you have, go ahead and play this game.

You can buy bad crafts, or even devilish rubber duckies.

(McPhee carries a bunch of other products, including Albert Einstein action figures, Multi-armed Hindu Bendies, and Nunzilla.)