September 10, 2004

Upside-down Comics

Start the comic right-side up, and it continues upside-down.

Law Firm with a Sense of Humor

Power Phillips Attorneys at law.

September 15, 2004

Date to Save

Do you like hot guys? Do you love Jesus? If so, volunteer for a noble cause, salvation.

Azkaban review

Y'all need to lay off poor Harry Potter. That's two already!

September 17, 2004


Thinking about implants, but worried about the extra weight? Well, fear no more.

(Hat-tip: Weird Earl)

Horsie Ride

Everyone likes horsie rides, except maybe the horsie. So here's something to make it a bit more comfortable for daddy.

(Hat-tip: Mrs Kennedy)

September 21, 2004

Truth in Advertising

There is no truth; only airbrushing.

Unless you are Arlington, Massachusetts. In that case, there's truth, but it's not really advertising.

September 23, 2004

Origami Art

Check out Robert Lang's origami. Whereas my skill stopped at inkwells and paper airplanes, this guy makes owls, five-horn beetles, and Allosaurus skeletons.

(Hat-tip Boing-Boing)

September 28, 2004


Better ways to tie your shoelaces.

A faster way to fold a T-shirt.

(Hat-tips: Cottleston Pie, and Thighs Wide Shut, respectively.)

September 29, 2004

Home Science

A.K.A. another use for Taco Bell Hot Sauce: cleaning pennies.

More unrelated science experiments here.

(Hat-tips Anil Dash, and judi, respectively.)

September 30, 2004

Ghost Town

Elena, A.K.A. KiddOfSpeed has a photo thematic of her motorcycle ride through Chernobyl.

You see a city frozen in time, abandoned, empty, and deathly silent.