February 20, 2005


It's a symbol of humility, that God still rests over your, umm, breasts?

Also, from the O.C., a Christmas-themed version.

February 24, 2005

Enter The Dragon

I have a little dragon sitting on my computer monitor. Get yourself one here. There's even a video of it in action.

Hat-tip: Anil Dash.


Schoolchildren write book-reports all the time. If you had to judge them, which would you pick as the best? This totally gay Ĺ’dipus Rex? (hat-tip Bookslut)

Yeah right! What can beat To Kill A Mockingbird, with Robots, Pirates, and flaming sharks?

February 28, 2005


If you changed Romeo & Juliet, would anyone stop puking long enough to notice that something was different?

I mean, we can barely tell the difference between the classics, and gibberish.

Updated Classics

Remember Pong? This is Pong on drugs.

And here's a bunch of games re-imagined on tori and klein-bottles. Tic-Tac-Toe is a lot harder than you think. (Hat-tip Weird Earl)

How about a 4-D Rubik's Cube? Well, not really 4-D, but definitely more difficult than your regular cube.