June 08, 2005

Beethoven on the Beeb

BBC Radio 3 is broadcasting the complete works of Beethoven, as performed by the BBC Philharmonic, conducted by Gianandrea Noseda. They even provide free MP3s of his nine symphonies to download.

Children's Drawings

Artist Dave Devries paints monsters based on children's drawings. (hat-tip: Boing Boing)

It's nice to see someone taking children's art seriously. For a different take on the topic, check out Maddox's reviews of kids' drawings.


The world's fastest and most powerful firetruck is for sale.

The stats are fairly impressive. It's a 1940 Ford, approx. 6000hp engine, with a top speed of over 400mph. Oh yeah, it's powered by two Rolls/Royce jet engines with afterburners.

True Love

If you fall out of love, you can always take the ring back, but how about the finger?

June 30, 2005

Protect Ya Tings!

Don't like squishy things to get squished? Get a handy protector for your bananas, or cupcake.

(In case you haven't seen it before, the title comes from a sign in the Bahamas.)

Bloody Pulp

A Flash demonstration of skeletal physics. Not enough jiggling for my taste, but nevertheless very cool.

(hat-tip MeFi)


An enterprising blogger is posting the series of diary entries that make up the novel Dracula to a blog.

(Hat-tip: Boing-Boing)