July 02, 2005

Son of VSD

Camelot VSD is a collection of diaries of characters from Le Morte d'Arthur, written by a bunch of people, including Mary Anne Mohanraj, noted author of literary fiction and erotica.

They are written in the style of Cassie Claire's Very Secret Diaries. Who would have thought she'd inspire literary imitators?

Horse Hater

Irrational hatred of horses? Why not, if it's funny enough?

(hat-tip: Thighs Wide Shut)

July 15, 2005

Frontiers of Science

What more noble application of science is there, than a dead frog being re-animated, and controlled through a web-server?

(hat-tip: judi)

Flashy goodness

Here's a mildly difficult game: planarity. (h/t MeFi)

If you want something easier, try 1-dimensional Tetris.

July 18, 2005

Save the Celebrities!

Start out with the lovely but imprisoned one: Free Katie!

Some need to be saved from themselves: Feed Lindsay!. There's also an L.Lo blog (don't miss the "Thin Commandments", or the Emaciation Proclamation)

July 27, 2005

Animal Clothing

If cows can wear lingerie, why can't chickens strut their stuff?


Britons are known to be stoic in the face of adversity. Well, some more than others.

Big Ad

An unabashedly big ad for beer. Carlton Draught, to be specific.

Their bottles have pictures of horses on them, which confirms my suspicions about beer (their explanation notwithstanding)

(20051002 Update: There's another ad, about their brewing process.)