August 11, 2005

Lesser-known prequels

There Are Plenty of Mohicans. (h/t kottke)

August 12, 2005


I had heard about Supersize Me, and completely disagreed with Mr Spurlock's conclusions.

He inspired this woman to try out a fast-food diet for herself, on which she lost 37 lbs.

Also interesting is Rob Cockerham's adventures in eating in and eating out. He had no change in his weight either way, and found that eating in was cheaper and faster.

These cases only add further credence to my conclusion about eating: don't be an idiot.

Intelligent Design

There are many alternate theories to evolution. Sign the petition to have school children learn about the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Learn how you too can be touched by his noodly appendage.

(hat-tips: styro and MemePool respectively.)

Soda Racing

Remember the Soda Constructor? (Wow, my very first post) Well, some people decided to have a virtual tournament of those robots, racing on virtual terrain.

iPod redux

Jason posts 50 things to do with your iPod, including putting them in hoodies, dress them up as breath-mints, and bludgeoning someone to death.

There should also be a list of things not to do.


A design critique of the alphabet, from a typographic perspective. (hat-tip: kottke)

Space Worms

Your worm has to escape from the dots. (hint: the walls wrap around, just like PacMan)

hat-tip: MeFi, who wonder who writes the blurbs for these games.

Game time started

The Original Dint, the Presbyterian Church, it's all discussed in Star Wars: Backstroke of the West. Er, that's Revenge of the Sith, dubbed into Chinese, with English sub-titles translated back from Chinese.

(hat-tip: Daniel Drezner)

August 13, 2005

Eternal Pet

You know those weirdos with rugs made of human hair? Ick! It's so much easier to use the fur from your dog.

August 17, 2005


Don't let him get to your mouse pointer. (hat-tip MeFi)

Sod Couch

The ultimate in green furniture.

More Origami

Yamaha has some incredible paper craft instructions on their web site. (hat-tip: Boing-Boing)

See previous origami art here.

August 19, 2005

Menstruating Barbie?

Eeeewwwww!. (thanks a lot, justin)

August 23, 2005

Disguising your Dog

Does your apartment restrict what breeds of dog you can have? Fear not. With this handy kit, you can disguise your Doberman as a poodle.

Cue Music

And the results of the pregnancy test is…

August 25, 2005

Backyard fun

… with a LASER-guided slingshot. I'm still not sure why the domain is called that, but it does inspire some uses.

(hat-tip: Dave Barry)

Photo Re-touching

Pictures of airbrushed celebrities (some pics may be NSFW). Compare to the original to see how they really look.

Here's what's weird: sure, all the pictures have the lighting and color adjusted. But then look at the face and body. The men are hardly touched at all, whereas the women are heavily modified. Perfection or perversion?

(hat-tip: MeFi)

Previous touchups here.

August 26, 2005


French scientists Basile Audoly and S├ębastien Neukirch explain why, when you try to snap it, spaghetti breaks into multiple fragments. They have movies shot with high-speed cameras, and everything. Take that, Feynman!

(hat/tip: The Economist)

Efficient Keyboard

Peter Klausler used some genetic algorithms to design an efficient keyboard for the English language. Efficient, but ugly.

(hat-tip: MeFi)

August 31, 2005

NASSA and the Blackstronauts

Watch The Old Negro Space Program, a film not by Ken Burns.

(Caution: some profanity about half-way into the video)