April 16, 2006

Sam Will Kill Him

TBS is doing some weird promos for the LotR movies. (h/t Jason Kottke)

Japanese Ebonics

If a Japanese man comes to Compton, what phrases would he most need to know? Well, this book on conversational ebonics helpfully translates such things as "You startin' to sound like a biotch", and "I guess I didn't come correct when I was throwing game."

(h/t MemePool)

April 17, 2006

Easter Bunny

What's the Easter Bunny doing for the rest of the year? Kicking ass. (hat-tip: IMAO)

April 25, 2006


Of all the idiotic things to catch flak for, Tom Cruise gets it for wanting to eat a placenta. In case he needs them, here are some fine placenta recipes.

April 26, 2006


… on hats? Ummm, ok.