February 08, 2007


Make your own heraldic shield, emblazoned with your coat-of-arms (hat-tip: MeFi).

More Cowbell

Well, woodblock, really, but who's counting when Gene Frenkle plays with Queens of the Stone Age?

February 10, 2007

Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D

… and why Rob Paravonian hates it. This is hilarious. Or if you know anything about modal music, it's blindingly obvious. As Rob puts it:

You know I'm getting really bored /
'cause all songs have the same damn chords. /
Punk music is a joke. /
It's really just baroque

(hat-tip: MemePool)

Cool tutorials

Want to convert a photograph into line art? Into a Lichtenstein-inspired pop-art poster? Melissa Clifton has written tutorials on how to do just that.

February 12, 2007


Watch how glass marbles are made. (hat-tip: MeFi)

Candy Hearts

Just in time for the apocalypse, you can make your own candy heart, with the ACME Heart Maker.

Heart says PMS 24/7

February 15, 2007

Wikipedia 2.0

An innovative solution to Wikipedia's problems. It turns Wikipedia into a reliable authority for every topic in the universe (except chickens).

(hat-tip: mjh in the comments section of Crooked Timber)


A very cute/sad video. (hat-tip: Fark)

February 18, 2007

Disney and Racism

A contrast in racist portrayals in two Disney films, Dumbo and The Jungle Book.