September 27, 2008


Try to figure out what object you are looking at through a slit.

Kongregate has some seriously awesome games out there, especially puzzle games, for free.

August 24, 2008

Chat Noir

Try to keep the cat from escaping (hat-tip:


Fill two thirds of the space with spheres while avoiding the bouncing balls. (hat-tip MeFi).

March 12, 2007

Difficult Games

There's double pong, the rotating labyrinth, and heaps more. (hat-tip: Fark)

February 05, 2006

Viral Billiards

Cute little game. Starts out easy, then becomes increasingly luck-based.

August 17, 2005


Don't let him get to your mouse pointer. (hat-tip MeFi)

August 12, 2005

Space Worms

Your worm has to escape from the dots. (hint: the walls wrap around, just like PacMan)

hat-tip: MeFi, who wonder who writes the blurbs for these games.

July 15, 2005

Flashy goodness

Here's a mildly difficult game: planarity. (h/t MeFi)

If you want something easier, try 1-dimensional Tetris.

April 20, 2005


Don't like your job? Whack your boss.

April 02, 2005


Reflex. Like reflexions, only with paddles and a ball instead of mirrors and LASER.

March 16, 2005

Square Games

Move your square around, and eat other squares.

Or move your square around and dodge other objects.

March 02, 2005

Puzzle Games

Okay, I'm just going to dump a bunch of puzzles I found:

Road Blocks, which has nothing to do with road blocks, and everything to do with linear thinking.

Reflections: play with lenses, prisms, and LASERs. That last part isn't exciting; it's just an acronym.

FreeNet. Fix networks. As if doing that in real life weren't bad enough.

Grid-lock, and the closely-related Rush Hour (hat-tip: Bryan)

February 28, 2005

Updated Classics

Remember Pong? This is Pong on drugs.

And here's a bunch of games re-imagined on tori and klein-bottles. Tic-Tac-Toe is a lot harder than you think. (Hat-tip Weird Earl)

How about a 4-D Rubik's Cube? Well, not really 4-D, but definitely more difficult than your regular cube.

December 28, 2003


Like the classic arcade game, only round, with a sinkhole to defend, and a paddle that moves clockwise and anti-clockwise.

They're calling it Plastic Balls. Or XBound, depending on who you ask.

October 22, 2003


Just what to do when your bored in a teleconference or virtual meeting. Play virtual bored basketball.

(Hat-tip Bryan)

June 17, 2003

Copter Game

Simple, yet satisfying.

(Hat-tip: Dave Barry)

April 11, 2003

Fly Guy

Oddly soothing. Go ahead and explore.

(hat-tip styro)

August 28, 2000


For those who think mini golf is too much exercise: virtual miniputt.