November 17, 2007


No, not the disgusting video itself, but two loving tributes: 2girls1McRib which uses a sandwich to blur out the disgusting parts (somewhat), and John Mayer's 2guys1cup (yes, that John Mayer). (hat-tips: amandalynferri and Justin)

October 08, 2007


… for those special occasions like a baby shower, or sometimes just to say hi.

Hat-tip: Dave Barry.


The best movie review ever written, period, for RotK. (Originally posted to AICN, but the formatting there sucks ass.)

March 25, 2007


Portrait of a Young Man as his nutsack. (hat-tip: Justin)

February 26, 2006

Victoria's Secret

Jason Kottke posts a link to a comparison of the 1977 and 2003 catalogs from Victoria's Secret. There are two things I noticed:

First, in 1977, the pictures were undeniably pushing product. All the captions and descriptions actually described the product, and nothing else. In 2003, the captions described the product, well, some of the time, but the rest of the time, they described experience, feeling. Very Sexy. Glamour. Dreams and Fantasies.

Second, in 1977, women had nipples, whereas in 2003, nipples are airbrushed out. Bring back the nipples!

November 06, 2005


Plug-ins for Firefox that make surfing porn easier. (hat-tip MeFi)

August 22, 2005


No girlfriend? No problem.

August 17, 2005

September 11™

Is it too soon for 9/11 jokes? Will it always be?

July 15, 2005


Make abstinence fun. Find yourself a faith partner for some serious faith-fucking.

(hat-tip: MeFi)

May 31, 2005

Curious creations

From James Piatt, comes the lovely S&M pillory table, to confine them "during informal meals".

(Hat-tip: Boing Boing.)

Also from the same creator, handbags with knuckledusters.

May 25, 2005

More phalli

If they can be represented in concrete, why not have a phallic logo contest?

(hat-tip: judi)

April 27, 2005

Baked Porn

You can make your very own porn, in the comfort of your own oven. Featuring such fine dishes as the vagina danish, and bukkake cookies. (hat-tip: Joshua)

April 02, 2005


Ever want big balls like Atom Bomb Bikram? Well, here's your chance: the scrotum inflation kit.

(See it in action, at the anarchist book fair in SFO.

March 20, 2005


A whole bunch of cards for those awkward occasions.

Star Wars Episode III

A New Hope, re-imagined by John Cheese of PWOT.

March 10, 2005


Remember girls, it's cool to wait. A testimonial:

"OHMIGOD, like, Iron Hymen taught me to respect myself way too much to ever let some hairy creep hock man-lugies on my Godly cervix like it's some gross subway platform!"

(Also for the boys)

Of course, not all virgins truly abstain. You could do stuff and still be a technical virgin.

October 27, 2004

Geeks wasting time

How do you bridge the cultural gap between gangsta rappers and stiff academics? Start by translating rap lyrics into English, from the original Ebonics. (The reverse is also available, for the Lord's Prayer)

If you're more the technical geek than literary, check out electronics porn. Of course they're making porn out of everything in sight.

September 17, 2004


Everyone together now, do the Lynndie.

(Hat-tip: MemePool)

August 27, 2004


Dirty folded paper.

(Hat-tip: The Register)

August 18, 2004

Viral Marketing

Best ad ever.

June 12, 2004

Mobile phones

They seem indispensable now, and people seem to get so much pleasure out of them.

May 16, 2004

God Bless America

Support the Troops.

April 18, 2004

Cuddle Party

They sound interesting and I might go to one, except the rules say NO SEX, and NO DRY HUMPING. What kind of party is that?

There are places to do more if you want to.

(Hat-tip A Picture of Me)

April 05, 2003


True Porn Clerk Stories. Warning — deeply engrossing.

Rubber Duckie "personal massagers".

Here's a novel movement for peace.

February 21, 2003

Betty Bowers

If we wanted sluts in our church, we'd be Catholic.

January 09, 2003


Check this out. Is this a more worthy charity than SaveKaryn?

Of course, her logic is flawed when she says the world will decide whether she gets implants or not. The positive voice is heard, but the negative is ignored.

20030114 Update: It's not just the girls.

November 26, 2002

Evil T-shirts

Whoa, dude.

November 22, 2002

Dirty Damn Hippies

I knew those hippies were bad news.

October 30, 2002

Russian Onion

Well not really The Onion, but nevertheless, eXile provides quite a different perspective on the news. Here's one of their columns on what Europeans think of each other. I especially like their handy chart.

They also had an editorial on the takeover of the Russian national media by the Putin administration. Keep in mind, this is their editorial.

June 06, 2002


The guys that bring you Clone your Bone also bring you Match your Snatch.

May 20, 2001

Freaky web site

I've never heard of Hal Turner, but apparently he has a radio talk show. Check out his site.